The Rabí Castle welcomes the first visitors on the 11th May 2020

Při pohledu z vysoké věže | © Jaroslav Vogeltanz

From Monday the 11th May 2020 a part of the castle premises will be opened to the public in a special mode ...

   At the beginning of the second week in May, tourist season wiil start in the castle of Rabí. With respect to various decrees, regulations and recommendations, the castle premises will be opened in a special mode.

    In the first days after re-opening of this monument, people will be able to visit only the exteriors of the castle premises: they will be able to walk both courtyards, to go up to the first floor of a medieval palace (an outlook point), to visit the oldest part of the castle, to climb to the top of a keep and to enjoy view of the whole castle, surroundings of Rabí as well as the Bohemian Forest. In other words guided tours will be canceled and the castle interiors will be left closed.

   The opening hours will be also changed. The castle of Rabí will be exceptionally opened on Monday the 11th May 2020 and afterwards it will be opened as usual from Tuesday till Sunday, from 9.00 till 16.00.
   Moreover, we dare to alert that the entry into the castle will be regulated in a case of great number of visitors.

   Let´s hope that everything will progress well, that the newly-emerged situation will not get worse, projections will be filled up and that the ordinary working of the Rabí Castle will start on Monday the 25th May 2020. On the other hand, we have in mind that all things quickly change and that our way can take an unexpected direction.

   We believe that visitors will still like the castle ruin of Rabí and enjoy their visit of this castle premises.