Šumavské Trojhradí

Three medieval castles in the Bohemian Forest

   In a picturesque landscape of southwestern Bohemia, in the Bohemian Forest and its foothills, in an imaginary triangle with the town of Sušice as a centre, there are located three interesting and impressive buildings, the castles of Kašperk, Rabí and Velhartice.

   These castles have joined their powers and originated a project titled Šumavské Trojhradí. Within it we wish to spread awareness of these historic sights and we try hard to remind that the visit of our castles as well as a visit of their surrondings is worth. During our common events (Dny Šmavského Trojhradí as it is called) we would like to present these beautiful places in a wider, unexpected or less known context.

This project is supported by the Pilsen Region.