Plan your visit

Dear visitors, here you can find some information which you search before a visit.


There are no toilets in the castle premises. The toilets are about one hundred meters away from the Rabí Castle and they are situated in the house Nr. 50 (in a white building along which visitors go from/to the square).


If you go by car, you can park your car on the square, which is 150 metres from the castle area distant.

A carpark belogs to Městský úřad Rabí (Municipality of Rabí) and this office sets the amount of parking charges and the way of their collection. In the square there stands a parking meter, but the charges can be collected by a accredited person.

Parking charges

A motorcycle

20 CZK/day

A car

40 CZK/day

A bus

80 CZK/day

A bicycle

0 CZK/day



The Rabí Castle is an example of the Gothic architecture and therefore it will never be fully barrier-free.

Currently, people with difficulty moving or people in a wheelchair can get to the large courtyard with assistance (the path to other parts of the castle is unfortunately complicated/impossible because of the steep terrain and large number of steps).


The entry to the castle premises with pets is allowed. But it is necessary to keep pets on a leash or in a transport box (except for assistance dogs) and to be considerate of other visitors. 

Entrance for pets is admission free. People with pets can visit all the premises, even guided tours.

Free running of pets (running without a leash) is forbidden.


In the area of the Rabí Castle there are no bike stands or bike storage. If visitors go in Rabí by bike, they can take advantege of several bike stands around the castle. 

Child care facilities

Unfortunately, we can not provide mothers adequate facilities (for example a baby changing  table, a microwave oven for warming up the food).


In summer, visitors can have some refreshment in the courtyard - they can refresh with cold drinks, taste a cup of fine coffee or tea and eat something small.

In the square of Rabí, there are three restaurants, two fast-food restaurants and two grocery stores.