Sušice - the Gate of the Bohemian Forest

  • Physical difficulty: Moderately difficult
  • Length: up to 90 min
  • Refreshments: Grocery stores, pubs and restaurants in the village of Rabí, Žichovice and Chmelná or in the town of Sušice
  • Wheelchair accessibility: No

Cycling against the steam of the Otava River

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During this trip you will pass pleasing legs but also more strenuous rises. From the square of Rabí you will go on the cycle track Nr. 2084 to the village of Žichovice which is situated nearby the Rabí Castle. From that village you will follow the cycle track Nr. 313 to the town of Sušice.
Although you will ride a bicycle through beautiful countryside (you will ride a bicycle along the gold-bearing river of Otava, through picturesque villages or in shadows of forests), the town of Sušice itself offers a lot of monuments and sightseeings.
People who like history can visit the Museum of the Bohemian Forest. Its expositions present the history of the region and it also reminds on the fabled company SOLO Matches and famous glass from the Bohemian Forest.
If you prefer calmness or if you look for a place to have a rest, you can go to the forest park "Luh".
And if you would like to view over the Bohemian Forest, you can climb the Svatobor Hill. When you go up to the observation tower, the panoramas of the Bohemian Forest will open up in front of you.

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